Executive Search

We present outstanding and appropriate candidates who will produce results and who will integrate into the client’s culture. Trust, transparency, and results are the foundation of our process:  

  • Customized behavioral interviews aligned with client culture and goals 
  • Creative utilization of propriety databases, social media, and networking 
  • Front-line communication around client brand and culture 
  • Commitment to integrity with client and candidates 
  • Partnership with client and candidate for a smooth integration of new hire

Garthwaite Partners distinguishes itself by using a highly consultative Talent Management approach to help client organizations attract, train, and retain the talent they need to excel in a variety of competitive markets. There is a clear relationship between outstanding talent and outstanding business performance.    

Our expertise includes work in Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, Consulting, and Education. Functional areas include Sales, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting, and Executive leadership. 

Executive Performance Coaching

High performing leaders demonstrate an exceptional ability to build trust and transparency in their organizations. They are willing to engage in difficult conversations and to inspire teams to take on challenging projects and goals. The best leaders communicate up, down, and across the organization as a means to build a common sense of purpose around creating success. They are also willing to make tough decisions and inspire others to do their best work.   

As the saying goes, “Leaders are made not born.” Companies that invest in their culture and support the growth and the performance of their executives and their teams are those that attract and retain the best talent.  

Executive Performance Coaching is grounded in Conversational Intelligence; a neuroscience based system that emphasizes the vital role conversation plays in developing a healthy and productive corporate culture. Open and honest conversations result in resilient and creative organizations where employees are engaged and energized to work together to achieve a positive future together.   

Executives who are coached in the application of Conversational Intelligence C-IQ learn how to increase trust, transparency, and creativity all of which foster higher levels of teamwork and cross-functional partnering.  

Performance Team Training & Coaching

Performance Team Training & Coaching is grounded an Appreciative Inquiry process that looks for organizational strengths and then seeks to build a plan for aligning people and process to leverage those strengths across the organization. 

We engage in a Discovery process to Define the organization’s people, processes, and patterns using a variety of tools and interviews. Drawing on the Discovery findings, we map the communication dynamics, organizational design, and managerial processes.    

                                                                                                                                                                                               Working with senior leaders we share our findings in stories that illuminate where and how the organization is functioning well.  We seek understanding around the Desired future that includes a focus on Goals and Aspirations for a stronger organization. Together we Design a plan the training and coaching programs.   

Common Elements that are addressed in Training and Coaching: 

  • Clarity on Strategy and Values 
  • Emphasis on building Trust and Transparency  
  • Strengthening innovation, engagement and collaboration 
  • Aligning people and processes  
  • Testing assumptions and adapting